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It's that easy for your guests:

EasySignup is not only easy to use for you as event manager - it's easy and simple for your attendees to sign up as well!

Upcoming events:

All public events are displayed in a calendar which can be embedded on your own website or linked to from your website, newsletter or social media page. Here, the attendees can view date and description of all your events, see whether the event is free or a signup fee applies, as well as what that signup fee is.

Each event is presented in a nice and simple layout with basic information as well as a short description and a picture.

Both calendar and event signup page list your contact information and can even be set up to display your logo as well as a banner with graphics or pictures at the top of the page.

Event signup page:

Each event has its own signup page where the attendee can see basic information about time, date and location as well as a complete description of the event with pictures. The attendee can of course also sign up directly on this page.

Attendee information:

An attendee can easily choose ticket type and additional services through drop-down lists and check boxes.

The attendee then enters information into the signup form located next to the event description.

Signup confirmation:

The attendee will be shown a confirmation page with a complete overview of the selected options and information entered.

Confirmation email:

The attendee will receive a confirmation email with your custom content. The email also contains a link to modifying or cancelling the signup if you have chosen to allow attendees to do so through the settings menu.