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How to get more attendees

You probably already know the feeling. You've worked hard for days, maybe even weeks, and exchanged countless emails with presenters, speakers, hosts and catering. You've put together an amazing program and finally sent out invitations to everybody you'd like to see at the event.

And then nothing. A few signups trickle in here and there, your boss asks impatiently for more and anxiety starts to kick in. Will I be able to fill all the seats - or just enough to barely cover the costs and justify all the efforts?

In this e-guide we give you a number of tips on how YOU can get more attendees for your events - from writing a catchy invitation to turning your attendees into ambassadors who'll ALSO help you share the message about your event. Resulting in a fully booked event with happy guests and a very satisfied boss - WITHOUT having stress and pressure bring you down.

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