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With this solution you can:

  • Enter basic information about your company to be visible on the signup page

  • Enter contact information

  • Use your company's logo on event pages, emails etc.

  • Choose whether to display the signup fee with or without VAT

  • Define who is notified through email when an attendee signs up or cancels their attendance

  • Create an archive of locations used for events

  • Define languages used during signup (English, French, German, etc.)

  • Define currency used on the event page

  • Let attendees share the event on social media after signing up

  • Purchase additional user accounts able to access and manage your company's events

Set up layout and content

  • Enter event title, insert and format text, links, pictures etc. on the event page

  • Enter basic information about the event (time and date, location, signup deadline, max number of attendees)

  • Insert a picture to be displayed on your event calendar page

  • Display a map of the location using Google Maps

  • Insert a picture to be displayed at the top of your signup page

  • Insert a picture to be displayed when your event is shared on social media

  • Create an event based on a template – or duplicate a previous event and modify it based on your needs

  • Define the background color on the event page

  • Display the attendee list on the event page

  • Choose to display the registration page in a separate language

Select how the event is shown in your calendar

  • Make the event either public or only accessible through an invitation link

  • Set a specific registration opening time

  • Create a series of related events for a better overview

Set up categories of tickets, additional services and payment options

  • Create multiple ticket types with individual pricing

  • Define whether an event is free or requires a signup fee

  • Create secret (invisible) ticket types that only VIPs or special guests can view and select

  • Create and define free or paid additional services – dinner choices, accommodation, transportation, workshop selection etc.

Setting up the signup form

  • Define which information to collect from each attendee when they sign up

  • Define whether to collect information from each attendee or only a name and number of tickets

  • Create and use drop down menus, check boxes and date fields for attendees to fill out when registering

  • Limit the number of tickets that a person can purchase at a time

  • Define pre-filled information (such as name, email, company etc.) when invitees sign up through the link in their invitation

Select what the attendee can see after signing up

  • Let attendees share the event on social media after signing up

  • Allow attendees to edit their signup information

  • Allow attendees to make additional choices after signing up

Modify communication with attendees

  • Modify the confirmaton email sent to the attendee when signing up

  • Send a message via email to all or selected attendees

  • Choose to include an actual ticket (in PDF format) in the confirmation email sent to attendees (at an additional fee per event)

  • Send an SMS to attendees (such as a reminder to cancel if they are unable to participate) (at an additional fee per SMS)

Decide whether to offer a waiting list

  • Choose whether to offer signup to a waiting list when no more tickets are available

Collecting and processing personal data

  • Obtain separate consent to collect and process personal data

  • Delete personal data about the attendees automatically

Modify email invitations

  • Modify and send out an invitation through email

  • Import a list of email addresses from Excel etc.

  • Personalize emails through mail merge

  • Create email invites in advance and schedule sending

  • Invite attendees from previous events

Share your event in multiple ways

  • Integrate your event calendar on your own website (at an additional fee)

  • Share your event on Facebook, Linked-In, Google+ etc.

  • Export attendee lists to Excel whenever you need to

  • Be notified via email whenever a new attendee signs up (or set it up so your boss/partners/colleagues are notified)

  • Send a message via email or SMS to all or select attendees

  • Send a reminder to invitees that have not yet signed up

  • Attach a calendar appointment to the confirmation e-mail in order to help attendees remember your event

  • Let your boss/partners/colleagues see a real-time updated attendee list through a special link

  • Send payment reminders to attendees with unpaid invoices automatically

  • Use the built-in queue system that prevents website overload 

  • Print attendee lists – choose between three formats

  • Print name tags – choose a format with or without your company's logo

  • Print place cards to place on the table

  • Use online check-in to register attendees on the day of your event

  • Send a message via email to all or selected attendees with slides, link to evaluation forms etc.

  • Set up rules for automatic deletion of personal data

  • Choose to duplicate a previous event and modify it based on your needs rather than creating a new one from scratch

  • Contact and invite attendees from previous events to your current events